Casino Feasibility Studies

We have quick, real-world solutions to minimise your investment risk, minimise cost and get you off to a flying start.

The phased sequencing of our casino planning process is designed to minimise overall project time and costs and provide clear decision points along the way. It is all too common for the design element of a casino project to overtake market realities with the result being over-capitalisation and poor or even negative returns on investment.

Our business planning skills and tools have been developed over a period of three decades in the arenas of competitive bidding, new casino development and in the halls of academia.

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Our planning services include:

Market Insight & Analysis

We provide comprehensive market research to identify potential opportunities and challenges in the casino industry. Our team uses advanced data analysis techniques to provide accurate income projections and valuable insights.

Feasibility Assessment

Our experts conduct a thorough feasibility study using market research income projections. This crucial step serves as a go/no-go decision point for our clients, ensuring their investment is sound.

Strategic Business Planning

If the development is approved, we craft a detailed business plan that outlines the roadmap to success. This includes financial planning, marketing strategies, and operational procedures. Our international experience includes the support of government

Licensing Support

We provide end-to-end support for obtaining a casino license. Our team navigates the complex application process, ensuring all requirements are met.

Project Management

Once licensed, we oversee the setup of the casino business, ensuring everything runs smoothly and on schedule.

Operational Management

As may be required, we offer full-service management of the casino business under a management contract. Our team leverages to ensure that the casino operates efficiently, maximizing profitability for the owners.